In this bundled lot are 3 vintage miniature dolls which include from left to right:

Australian 2 faced hard plastic doll that according to Marjory Fainges is a “Royal Lea” doll and these were made in Punchbowl, NSW in the late 1940’s – 1950’s era. It stands in height 4″ and one side of the doll is sleeping and the other awake. It does have a small hole in one seam. The clothing would have been hand made for the doll during this era and it may have been used as a rattle as does have something inside it to rattle.

The centre doll is an artist made all bisque doll with a strung head. It does have a piece broken off on the neck that is hidden inside the doll. This one is approximately 3″ in height.

The last doll is also hard plastic and from the 1940’s era and I believe Made in England with just an raised R on her back. She measures in height approximately 3″ and has swinging arms and what is left of her clothing is original.

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