This is an absolutely stunning doll and represents many hours of work from a talented doll artist by the name of Bev Reynolds and was made in 1994 and signed on the back of her head. She is an Elsie Scott Sculpt and a large and heavy doll at 26″ and displays beautifully and really stands out in a collection.

Her bisque head has wonderful hand painted eyes that are blue in colour with the rest of her facial features also hand painted. Anyone that makes dolls will know just how difficult it is to paint eyes and takes a real talent. She has a quality USA Global wig in auburn.

Her half arms and her legs are also bisque and the rest of her body is cloth and firmly packed with some firm plastic around the waist area for when she is on a stand so that the stand does not indent the fabric.

Her outfit has been made for her and is gorgeous and is a navy and white sailor frock with a pleated skirt along with a cap to match. Underneath she has a petticoat and pantaloons.

This is an all over quality doll that represents many many hours of work and I have not seen this particular doll before.

**Please note due to size and weight of this doll it is likely the p & p will be more than showing**

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