This doll was purchased in 1987 and was made by a very talented Australian dollmaker by the name of Beryl Brown who went under the name of Louisa K. Dolls from Pheasants Nest in NSW. She was an expensive doll when purchased new and much more than my asking price. She is from my own collection.

She is a reproduction of the German Armand Marseille doll called “Just Me” and she has the cutest of faces. She stands in height 22cm.

She has been painted beautifully and has lovely brown side glancing eyes and a cute little mouth. She has single stroked eyebrows and delicately stroked painted eyelashes. Her brown wig in ringlets is a quality wig and has a pink ribbon tie in the back.

She is a full porcelain doll and is strung well.

Her little outfit was made just for her and consists of the gorgeous pink frock trimmed with pink ribbon and an embellishment as well as matching undies. She has white socks and lovely white shoes that doe up with pearl like buttons on the side.

This gorgeous doll is display ready and will come with the stand also.

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