This is a gorgeous antique German doll in a lovely cabinet sized doll of 11″ in height (28cm). She is all original except her shoes.

The maker is unknown and she is only marked with 12/0 on the back of her head and what looks like a back to front C towards the front top of her head. She could have been made by numerous firms in the early 1900’s.

Her bisque socket head is free from any damage. She retains her original cardboard pate and blonde wig with both needing to be secured as the head is stuffed to protect the eyes in transit.

She has sleeping blue eyes with all her eyelid wax intact, stroked eyebrows and delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes as well as the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye. She has an open mouth with a row of teeth. Her blushing is lovely with nothing to make mention of.

She is on her original cruder type composition body that is in lovely condition and strung with elastic and wire. I did not remove her clothing as it was sewn on.

Her frock, pantaloons and stockings are original to her. The frock has fading and appears to have been originally pink which can be seen on the back of her frock only. It is possible she was displayed in the sun which would have caused the fading as often it was vegetable dye that was used to colour early clothing. Her little black shoes have been added later and are more modern but fit her little feet perfectly.

She has a lovely face and so lovely to retain her original clothing which is not often seen.

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