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This is a superb doll and is called “Thomas’s First Hair Cut” and is from an original mold by reknowned doll artist Linda Lee Sutton. The mold is from 1988 and was re-created by a talented doll artist in 1989.

Thomas is only 14″ in length but is a heavy boy as he is FULL porcelain. His painting is superb and he has real upper eyelashes and a dark auburn wig.

His clothing has been made specifically for him and is a gorgeous recreation of a little boy from the era of going to the Barbers for a haircut. His clothing is in beautiful condition with no issues.

Thomas has his own Barber’s chair that has also been made specifically for this doll but it does need some minor work to the base as the pole has slightly split and is too loose to hold him in securely. It basically needs the felt taken off the bottom of the swivel chair and stabilising the pole with wood glue and then screwing back on so isn’t a big job. The chair alone weighs 1kg without Thomas sitting on it.

This is a wonderful original doll in beautiful condition and a real display piece. Buyer will NOT be disappointed.

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