This is a gorgeous doll that has been beautifully put together. He measures in height approximately 10.5cm.

The head is celluloid and marked with a Patent Number of 266162 and then a T in a not quite closed circle. It has been said he may be attributed to Ando Togoro but usually his “T” was a lower case t in a closed circle and not like the one on this shoulderplate head so he may remain a mystery as to who actually made him. The head is from the Nippon era which dated between 1891-1921.

The head appears to be in excellent “as new” condition and what makes him rare are his amber sleeping eyes as not a lot of these Japanese celluloid dolls were made with eyes that opened and closed. His highly coloured paintwork is all original and he has moulded hair painted auburn and an open/closed mouth with 2 little painted upper teeth.

He has been put on to a lovely vintage ceramic body that suits him perfectly and then clothing made for him that is sewn on. He also has lovely socks and lace up black shoes and a straw hat.

He is a beautiful example of a sought after celluloid that would look great in any collection

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