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This is a HUGE pre 1960’s bear but I do not know his exact age and would date to anywhere between the 1930’s era through to the 1960’s. I also have no idea of his maker but suspect he is either English or an Australian bear and very cheaply priced for a bear of this size. I am leaning towards Australian due to his upturned paws and perhaps a Joy Toys.

His fur is golden mohair but he does have wear in places as would be expected for a bear of this age that has been loved. He is fully jointed. The paw pads are made from a linen type material and original. The right paw has worn through and there is some stuffing showing. The head and torso are straw or wood-filled and the limbs softer material. There is a hole under his chin near his neck line that needs repairing as the stitching has come undone.

I believe this bear has replaced eyes for sure (they are plastic and should be glass) and I also believe he has lost most of his black nose stitching. These could both be re-done to make him even more magnificent looking than he does now.

A wonderful large mohair vintage bear!

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