2 VINTAGE DOLLS – 1960’s – 1970’s ERA – 10″ HEIGHT


These 2 dolls are from the 1960’s – 1970’s era and Made in Hong Kong. Both are marked on their backs with one also having another name that seems to start with a cursive L in an oval but I am unable to work out what it says. The stand in height approximately 10″. It is likely they were made in the same factory as the OK Kader dolls . They are made from a softer like plastic.

They both have moulded hair and stationary set blue eyes and a hole in their mouths for a bottle. The one in the purple crocheted outfit has some fading to the head. The other has little turning wrists and a slight dent on one of the heels.

I have given them a wipe over but may require further cleaning.

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