This is a gorgeous well loved Australian bear that is believed to have been made by Berlex but he no longer has his tag.

What is left of his fur appears to be the silk plush material that was often used with bears during the 1940’s period and earlier.

His head is fixed to his torso like many Australian bears and he has jointed arms and legs. He is filled with straw or wood filling and his filling has moved a bit over the years and he could do with a little more stuffing in his legs but I have left him “as is” as he can still sit nicely.

He has amber/black glass eyes which are probably original and an embroidered nose and mouth. His paw pads are a synthetic type of leather.

Her has been a well loved bear which makes him even more endearing. As such he has lots of bald patches and needs the odd minor repair.

The blue bow tied around his neck has been added much later.

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