This reproduction doll is from my own collection and I will be really sorry to see him go but it is time for him to find a new home. He is not a huge doll but superb in every way and a rare reproduction doll also as these are hard to find. This doll was made by a talented doll artist in 1999 and signed.

This is “Max” who often comes as a pair with “Moritz” who I still have for the time being and may sell him later.

Max is a reproduction of the wonderful doll produced by Kammer & Reinhardt/Simon & Halbig and his mould number is 123. Max stands in height a petite 10″.

He has a bisque socket head with chubby cheeks and side glancing eyes that are brown and set stationary. He has a gorgeous watermelon smile. He is on a quality composition body with a chubby tummy and is strung well and the body is in beautiful condition as Max has always been a display doll. He has a lovely dark auburn wig.

Max has had his clothing made specifically for him and it consists of a cream top, vest trimmed with gold braid, a lined jacket to match and pants to match. He also has lace up black shoes.

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