This is a gorgeous artist made doll by the name of Shay. I do not know who made this doll and believe she was made in the 1990’s era when these larger Shay dolls were being made in doll studios. She is 31″ in length.

Her head, shoulderplate, half arms and legs are all made from bisque and detailed as can be seen in the photos. The colouring of the bisque is all lovely and there is no damage to her.

She has stationary set brown eyes with real upper eyelashes and an open mouth with molded teeth. She has a long blonde wig that could be trimmed or put into plaits and her fringe could do with a better trim as is a bit crooked.

Her clothing was made specially for this doll and is the classic Shay outfit. It is beautiful condition with just some elastic needed in her fine cotton pants. She wears toddler sized shoes.

She will come with a wooden & metal vintage chair that she is currently sitting on and can be tied on securely under her clothing to prevent her from falling off. It is a lovely solid chair that holds heavy dolls like this well.

This doll is bargain priced and represents many many hours of work and would have been a very expensive doll to make. Just her lovely outfit alone would be at least $50 worth.

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