This is a highly collectable Falca doll made in Spain in the early 1990’s. They are not often found here and when researching to find a price to put on this one could only find the same face and sized boy on Etsy and all were well over $100 so mine is bargain priced! He measures in length approximately 15.5″ (39cm).

His head, arms and legs are a hard type vinyl and the rest of his body is cloth. He has stationary blue eyes with blonde eyelashes but on the left hand side some of his eyelashes are missing. He has auburn/strawberry blonde rooted hair and pouty lips ready to give you a kiss and freckles on his face.

I believe his outfit of shirt, overalls and cap are original and I added the lace up brown boots as he had cold feet!

This is a very cute fellow and ready to add in to a collection.

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