This is a gorgeous artist made doll by the late Roma Day who was one of Australia’s earliest reproduction dollmakers who made exquisite reproduction dolls and was world reknowned and a member of the International Doll Makers Association. She was made in 1978 and signed by the artist.

She is in perfect condition with no damage to any of her bisque parts. She has stationary set stunning blue glass eyes and a closed mouth. Her painting is superb and she has highly blushed cheeks. She has a lovely brown wig.

Her bisque socket head fits into a bisque shoulder plate and she has half bisque arms and legs with the rest of her body being cloth.

She comes wearing a beautiful outfit that was made just for this doll and consists of a deep red frock trimmed with black daisies. She then has a woollen cape and matching bonnet trimed with a woollen braid that looks like faux fur. Underneath she has a fine cotton half slip trimmed with cotton lace, underwear and stockings and tie up black shoes. Her dress could do with a light iron as has creases from being in storage.

This is a STUNNING doll and new owner will be delighted. She represents many hours of works and priced well under her original cost.

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