This vintage Australian doll is considered quite rare and very hard to find.

It was made by Harold Chapman in the 1940’s era and at first sold exclusively to David Jones stores in Sydney and later to other shops. She is the sought after 3 faced doll called Trudy and measuring from the feet to the top of the knob she is approximately 18″ in height.

The head is made from phenylformaldehyde (bakelite) and then painted. A lot of work went in to the head making by Harold Chapman as it was made using several pieces to create the three facial pieces ‘laughing’, ‘crying’ and ‘sleeping’ as well as the knob or cap to turn the head with. There is some paint wear to the knob so you can see the bakelite underneath.

The arms and legs are made from composition and the body is cloth.

This doll may have had restoration over the years and if it has then it was done professionally as I cannot tell what is and isn’t original and if any fabrics have been replaced they appear to be from vintage fabrics. Even the wire that holds the limbs on is aged as you can just see it through the fabric.

There is more wear to the limbs than the face but that is to be expected from the materials they were made from. There is minor chipping to the fingers and minor paint chips to the arms and legs as expected from a doll that was loved and played with and I would suspect the limbs are totally original.

This is an exceptional doll and a fantastic piece of Australian history!

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