This is a very rare Ashton Drake Delilah Noir ball jointed doll with her outfits and accessories but I no longer have her box. She was produced in 2009 and these dolls were only made for a period of 3 years. She is in “new” condition as has never been played with or undressed. She stands in height approximately 16″ (41cm).

Delilah is vinyl and this one is named “Class Act” “Violaceous Rave” and she has her swing tag still on her wrist. The debut edition earned a Doll of the Year award and this was one of these dolls. She came dressed in a school girl outfit with her blonde wig but also came with an extra, slightly gothic evening ensemble with a black wig. These outfits were meant to hint at the two contrasting sides to Delilah’s personality – a sweet school student and a dark edgy wild child!

Delilah has glass brown eyes with “real” upper eyelashes and all her clothing is original to her. As well as this she comes with her other set of clothing and wig along with her interchangeable replacement feet.

The first 5 photos have been taken from my doll and the last 2 stock photos to show you what she looks like with changes of clothing and wigs.

This is a real collectors piece and hard to find and usually well over my asking price if you can find her.

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