This gorgeous artist made doll was made in 1996 and she is called “Peanut”. I have seen this doll made in to both a girl and a boy doll and in this instance it is a girl.

It is a mould by Terri Dehetre from 1988 and the doll has been beautifully made and is 22″ in length and quite a heavy doll. The artists initials and date are inscribed on the back of the dolls head.

She has a bisque head, arms and legs and the torso is cloth and is in perfect condition.

She has green stationary set eyes with “real” upper eyelashes and a blonde wig.

Her outfit has been made just for her and consists of a green top and matching pants trimmed with lace and ribbon with a matching ribbon in her hair. She also has socks and button up shoes and a gold chain bracelet around one wrist.

This doll is bargain priced and would have been expensive to make and her outfit alone is worth half my asking price. She is display ready and sits beautifully.

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