This doll is “Jonah” and he is a reborn doll that is marked on the back of her head with “Jonah, c 1995, Pat Secrist”. His cloth body also has the Pat Secrist Label.

He measures in length approximately 22″ and overall seems to be a nice reborn doll that requires a little TLC and the kit alone for Jonah is normally over $100USD.

The artist that did this doll seems to have been an amateur but he could easily be fixed by a reborn artist. Jonah has rooted blonde mohair but needs more work in my opinion. He has stationary set blue eyes and I removed what was left of his blonde eyelashes as they did need replacing. He has an open closed mouth that could do with re-colouring.
The vinyl arms and legs show some accents but I feel the colouring on the nails is not quite right so need re-painting.

His cloth body is in good condition with only minor marks and the label is intact.

He comes wearing a knitted top and overalls that are a little soiled but the new owner will likely replace these.

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