This doll is Australian and is a fabulous example of this doll that was made in 2 versions, one with a straw filled cloth body with the head and limbs strung through with elastic and the other with a hard shiny plastic body. This is the version with the straw filled body and believed to be slightly earlier than the other.

The Modern Toy Company was at 3 Winton Road in East Malvern, Victoria and was a small factory set up in the garage shed of Samuel Saunders.

The heads of these dolls were made in two seperate pieces and joined together and then covered with either a dark or blonde wig by the owners mother who had been a wigmaker in Poland.

Her head is a hard plastic socket head. She has sleeping blue eyes with the original eyelashes intact. She has a distinctive open mouth with 4 upper teeth. Her long blonde wig is in beautiful condition and she has nice blushing to the cheeks. The head is clearly marked by the maker.

Her limbs also in hard plastic are all marked with the makers name and all in good condition despite this doll looks like it has had some play time. The elastic through the body has deteriorated with age and could be replaced to be tighter but I have left it as original. The cloth body is in aged condition with staining, a small hole and a repaired area (see photos). It is still very stable and no smells.

She has no original clothing and has been dressed in a beautiful blue and white frock that was made by a seamstress that attends doll fairs and an expensive outfit. It suits her just perfectly and a blue bow has been added to her hair. Underneath she has a vest, pants, half petticoat, socks and shoes.

This is a lovely example of our much loved Australian dolls from days gone by and she displays beautifully.

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