This celluloid and tin doll was produced by Masudaya in Japan and is dated to the early 1950’s era. The Japanese continued during this time to produce celluloid items despite it was banned in other countries due to it being highly flammable.

This mechanical/wind up doll dates to the early 1950’s and she displays beautifully and a really nice doll to have amongst a collection. She stands in height just over 13 1/4″.

Her head, arms and legs are celluloid and her torso and feet are metal.

The celluloid head is in lovely condition with no damage and just some rub marks to her painted, molded hair. She has sleeping blue eyes with her original eyelashes intact and the rest of her features are painted including her molded hair. Her celluloid arms are in good condition, as are her legs.

The metal torso is in excellent condition and when wound up with her original key she moves her feet and her arms go up and down. She does not work as fast as she used to but still works.

Apart from her socks her clothing is not original but has been made for her and suits her perfectly.

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