I don’t know a lot about this doll but believe it is a composite material she is made from and could be what was called Plastex as I have another doll with the same sort of composition and that it what they called it. It is almost like a plaster type material and I have pulled out one of the arms to take a photograph of the inside to show what it looks like. She would date to around the 1940’s era to the best of my knowledge if not a little earlier. She is a lovely sized doll and around 19.5″ in height (49cm). It is very possible she was made by the English firm of Palitoy.

She has moulded hair tinged black and painted features. There is a small area of paint missing off one eye (see photo) and she has pierced ears with brass type earrings. The seam around her head is protruding on one side and appears to have been done in the factory making of her as can not see signs of restoration or if she has had any I cannot tell.

Her 5 piece body is in good solid condition although the top of her chest is slightly concave with a protruding tummy and the flash of my camera captured what looks like a crack (I could not see this with the naked eye). When I looked inside the doll I could see no signs of restoration so she has either always been like this or at some time in her life she became damp which caused this, but she is certainly solid now. It is possible she may have had a body repaint but not in the time I have owned her and this has covered up any repairs from the outer side of the doll. Her body has a few marks and patches but nothing significant. She has been re-strung.

She comes wearing a gorgeous colourful frock trimmed with lace and ribbons that has a built in petticoat that suits her perfectly with a matching bonnet and pants. She also has socks and shoes.

This coloured doll displays beautifully and one I have not seen before.

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