This is a lovely named doll that was made by the German firm of Armand Marseille in the 1900’s era. She stands in height approximately 18″ and only has minor faults.

Her bisque socket head is free from any damage and is clearly marked on the back of her head with “Made in Germany, Florodora, A 3 M”. She has stunning sleeping glass brown eyes with the eyelid wax intact on one side but missing some on the other side which is only seen if the doll is sleeping. There is some of the original plaster showing on the left corner of her eye but more noticeable in the photo than in real life. She has raised, multi stroked eyebrows, delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes and the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and her nostrils. She has an open mouth with a row of teeth. Her blush is even with only the odd minor mark and she has a little dimple in her chin. She has a replaced quality brown wig in ringlets with a ribbon tied into the back of the wig. This has been removed along with her replaced pate to stuff the head to protect the eyes in transit and is easy to put back on using PVA (water based glue).

She is on her original composition ball jointed body that is strung well but has a finger missing on the left side and half a finger missing on the other side. There is also an area on one upper side of her upper leg that is cracked with chips but is stable. I have shown these flaws in the photos but the value of this doll is in the head and not the body and these faults are considered minor as mostly hidden under the clothing. Many of the Florodora dolls were on leather bodies and the composition bodied ones are more desirable.

She wears an antique frock made of silk that is trimmed with lace and has a matching belt with an antique buckle. It is in great condition for it’s age and if any holes they are minor. She has an attached crocheted collar that can be removed. Underneath she has a vest and pantaloons in a lighter yellow silk material and also trimmed with lace and later stockings and shoes that tie up with ribbon.

This is a lovely example of these much loved named dolls and her deep brown eyes are stunning.

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