This is a larger sized English Palitoy Diddums Doll that was made famous by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Unfortunately the condition is not great so I have priced it to reflect this.
This Diddums is the middle sized one (they were made in 3 sizes) at 9 1/2″ in height and was made in 1925.

There is fading to the green frock which is highlighted by the correct colour on the arms. There is a dent at the front. The feet have opened up as have lost their “rim” around the edges. There is some plaster like residue between the black shoes and underneath. Please refer to the photos.

The arms need to be re-strung and even though they are intact they have damage and paint loss. Both arms have a hole (one near the thumb area and the other towards the top of the arm). There is also cracking to the inner side of one arm that would need stablising before stringing.

If someone is clever and patient enough to attempt restoration on this Diddums he will be a lovely addition to any collection as the facial painting is lovely and original.

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