The name of this artist doll is “Irene” but I do not know who made her but she would date to pre 1990’s. She is a large 26″ in height.

She has a bisque shoulderplate that has been beautifully molded with no damage. She has green stationary set eyes and multi stroked eyebrows and stroked lower eyelashes. She has pierced ears but no earrings. Her lovely blonde hair is bunched up to the top of her head and she has a really elegant look about her.

Her half arms and legs are also bisque but she has one finger broken off on the right (see photo). This can be hidden when on display within the creases of her dress. The rest of her body is cloth and has some age marks on it but hidden under her clothing.

She comes wearing a turquoise coloured frock that was made just for her that is trimmed with lace with a cream bottom to the frock that is a silk material and has some splitting of the silk from age. Her dress also needs fastenings added to do up at the back as this outfit was never fully finished. Underneath she has cotton pantaloons trimmed with lace that need soaking as they are in aged condition and she also has black stockings with lovely shoes that tie up with ribbons.

This is a very cheap artist made doll and despite her damage she displays well. She represents many hours of work.

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