This is an antique metal head doll that was manufactured in Germany around the 1900’s or perhaps earlier. She is a large doll measuring approximately 25″ in height and they are hard to find in this large size. They are not a doll that everyone likes but they are a unique antique doll and it’s always great to have variety amongst a collection.

Her metal socket head is in great shape with the only paint missing around the rim of the head from where her original wig was pulled off (before I ever owned her). She is only marked with a Number 7 and Germany and could be attributed to a number of manufacturers but I believe perhaps Minerva. Her wig is a lovely replacement wig that has lovely curls and the pate is a replacement also. These have been removed so that the head can be stuffed to protect the eyes in transit and it is an easy job to re-attach using PVA (water based) glue.

She has stationary set blue eyes, an open mouth with a row of top teeth and a red tongue behind. Her eyelashes are multi stroked and she has delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes as well as the red accent dot in the corner of the eyes and her nostrils.

She is on what I believe is her original composition ball jointed body that is in good condition and strung well.

She comes wearing a vintage style frock, vintage petticoat and pantaloons, socks and shoes.

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