This is an artist made French Bru that stands in height 26″ and is a large and heavy doll. She has no artists name or initials to identify who made her but the mold markings are on the back of the dolls head. She would date to around the 1990’s I believe.

She has a bisque head that is free from any damage with stationary brown bulging glass eyes and an auburn wig in ringlets. It could do with a little tidying up but is not too bad. She has lovely typically thick multi stroked eyebrows and delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes with the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and also her nostrils. Her colouring is excellent and she has been painted well.

She is on a quality reproduction French body that has no issues and is strung well.

She comes in a bridal outfit that appears to have been made for her from white satin and heavily embossed with lace. Underneath she has cotton pantaloons that have some age stains despite they were soaked and laundered and white shoes with tie up ribbons. Her veil was also laundered as was quite “grey” in colouring and now although clean has still retained the “grey” look to it rather than white. The netting could be replaced but is still lovely fine netting and is not so noticeable when put on the doll. It is attached to a wire with flowers in poor condition and she also has another larger vintage flower piece that is not attached and just sits on her head but could also be attached.

This large doll displays beautiful and really stands out in a collection.

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