This is large 23″ artist made doll using a mold from a German reproduction doll. I do not know who the artist was but it has been done very well and would date to around the 1990’s era. Just the quality body alone is worth my asking price!

The bisque socket head is free from any damage and she has stationary set blue eyes with long “real” eyelashes. The paintwork has been done well and is nice and bright. She has a dark brown wig in curls.

The composition ball jointed body is a German style body in very good condition with only minor marks and is strung well.

The outfit has been made for this doll and is bright purple with gold trims with blue and gold ties with 2 ruffles that tie up around the neck. She also has a tie for her hair with gold bells and lovely cream shoes.

This doll displays beautifully and if you like something different amongst your collection then you will love this doll!

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