This is a beautiful doll made by a doll artist that sold their dolls under the name of “Gracie May’s Original Dolls”. She does not appear to be signed by the artist but has the mold numbers on the back of her head.

She is a lovely size at 23″ and on an expensive body. She retains her original price tag of $285 and I suspect she was made in the 1990’s era.

Her head is bisque with stationary blue eyes and multi stroked eyebrows and single stroked upper and lower eyelashes. She has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind. Her blonde ringleted wig suits her perfectly.

Her composition reproduction body is a slant hipped body and these bodies are expensive and for the size you will usually not find one under $100 and often they are $200 or more. It is in excellent condition despite 1 ball joint in the arm is sticking and I did not want to force it apart (in the elbow area).

She comes wearing a beautiful frock made from the finest of voile pale blue material and it is trimmed with lace and ribbon with some pinch pleats down the front and hand embroidered ribbon flowers. Underneath she has a vest and pantaloons and also socks and shoes. She has been finished off with blue bows in her hair.

This is a lovely doll that displays beautifully and is a cheap doll.

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