This is a huge artist made doll but I do not know who made her. I suspect she was made in the 1990’s era and is in perfect condition.

She stands in height 30″ so displays beautifully.

She has a bisque socket head that fits into a bisque shoulder plate as well as half bisque arms and legs. The rest of her body is cloth and made very well.

She has been painted beautifully and has an open mouth with moulded teeth on both the bottom and the top. She has stationary blue eyes with “real upper and lower eyelashes” as well as multi stroked eyebrows. Her auburn mohair wig suits her perfectly.

Her outfit has been made just for her and she is dressed as a Nurse with a blue frock trimmed at the cuffs and collar with white and a white apron over the top with the red cross on the top as well as on a band around her arm. She has a matching nurses cap and lovely child sized lace trimmed socks and child sized black strap shoes. Underneath she has pantaloons trimmed with lace.

This is a quality doll and is priced at a fraction of her original price.

Postage and Packaging has not been declared as will need to be calculated due to size and weight.

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