This is quite a rare doll and not often found.

It would date to around the 1920’s era and she stands in height approximately 18″

She is a Sonneberger Porzellanfabrik coloured doll. This factory was owned by Carl Muller until 1920 when Edmund Fleischmann took over the ownership until 1930.

I believe it is either composition or painted bisque (quite grey inside the head as opposed to the fully fired bisque headed dolls). The back of the head is marked SP, 2960/3.

She has antique brown glass stationary set eyes and an open mouth with teeth and a red tongue behind. Her black hair is original as are her brass like earrings.

Her body is composition and she has a dent in her tummy and a crack (stable) up one leg (see photos).

Her red frock may be original and underneath she has an old petticoat and pants, socks (holes) and 1950’s Cinderella shoes.

This is a great coloured and highly collectable rarer doll.

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