This is a hard to find Australian Peter Pan Dolls Pram that is from around 1948. I have 2 of these so have decided to let one go and selling it for under what I originally paid. These prams were made in South Australia and look fabulous with an Australian Composition Doll sitting in them.

It measures in length approximately 48cm and width is approximately 25cm and height approximately 36cm with the handle a further 20cm.

Overall the condition is very good with expected minor areas of rust and a few dings and dents. Most of the red paint from the handle has worn off from play time. The wheels are in great condition with wear to the tyres. The original label is on the pram. The hood was replaced with blue cloth in the 1960’s (originally was a vinyl hood) and has some fading and pilling but no holes. This is another sign that even in this era it was still being lovingly played with by some little girl.

I love my items in unrestored condition and a pram like this would be so rare to find in pristine condition as their owners usually loved them to death!

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