This is truely a wonderful example of the German Armand Marseille 341 (closed mouth) Dream baby. She was made by a talented doll artist in 1989 and the initials of the artist are on the dolls head.

When this doll was purchased by the original owner she purchased it believing it to be an antique head but by removing the head it was easily shown not to be antique. Despite that it is a wonderful doll and will be beautiful amongst any collection.

She measures in length 17-18″ (44cm) not taking in to account the bent body. She has the usual domed bisque head with auburn hair and stationary set blue eyes. The paintwork has been done superbly.

She is on a typical cloth body with porcelain hands and also has a ma-ma in the torso that works but not very well.

She comes wearing the most wonderful of clothing which includes a vintage long gown that has a panel of hand-embroidery and trimmed with lace. It was in very aged condition but has been laundered. It now just needs sewing up the back as it is open at the top and currently held with a safety pin. Underneath she has a diaper and silk crocheted bootees as well as a silk crocheted bonnet to finish her off.

This doll represents many hours of work and is priced cheaply for a reproduction doll of this calibre and her clothing is just wonderful. She displays beautifully.

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