This is an adorable English Pedigree doll and is a Toddler as opposed to a walker and harder to find these days.

These dolls were made in the 1950’s era and she stands approximately 20″ in height.

I believe this doll may have started out as a boy and was probably originally purchased nude (or with just the onsie) and the new owner decided at the time to purchase a wig to make it in to a girl (see photo of wig off). I have re-attached the wig with PVA glue as it is extremely difficult to remove the old glue used in this era from their heads.

This blonde saran wig is in lovely condition with some curls although some have dropped out but I have left it as is. She has sleeping blue eyes that open and close and flirt from side to side. She retains all of her original eyelashes on one side and the other side is sparse. She has an open mouth with her original 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind and her lip painting is lovely. There is slight wear only to her eyebrows and some slight wear to her blushed cheeks.

Her toddler body is in good, played with condition and retains the original rubber band stringing. Her ma-ma is non working which is quite normal and I never replace them once the rubber in them has deteriorated preventing them from working. They can be replaced. As a doll that was played with there are marks on her body which is expected but she has no seam splits or cracks. She does have very fine lines on her nose and above her eyes which mostly occured in these dolls but they are tight and stable. She retains the blush to her hands and knees. She has had NO restoration at all.

She comes dressed in a gorgeous replaced Peter Rabbit design smocked frock, original onsie and replaced socks and vintage shoes. She also has a vintage blue bow in her hair.

This doll has a gorgeous face and just ready to display.

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