This antique doll is from my own collection but it time for her to find another home and being a petite 11″ she is easily slipped in amongst other dolls!

She was made in Germany by Armand Marseille and is a named doll called “Alma” and marked on the back of her head. These dolls were made for the USA market and there are several of them with different names and at one stage I did have them all.

She has a bisque shoulder plate head with no damage. Her single stroked eyebrows are raised and she has the usual accent dot in the corner of each eye and her nostrils. She has stunning bulging dark brown stationary set eyes and an open mouth with a row of little teeth. Her colouring is lovely. Her wig is a later replacement that suits her perfectly and compliments her outfit.

She is on her original leather body that is in stable but worn condition as to be expected for a doll over 100 years old. I hadn’t written up any major faults when she went in to my collection and any there are hidden under her clothing. She has composition half arms in good condition .

Her outfit was expensive when purchased and suits and fits her perfectly and made from quality fabrics and complete with a gorgeous bonnet. Underneath she has pantaloons, stockings and tie up hand made shoes that again were expensive. She even has her own matching handbag that she can hold.

She is display ready and just a gorgeous all over antique doll that needs nothing doing to her.

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