This is an absolutely gorgeous antique doll made by the reknowned firm of Armand Marseille, Germany and dates to somewhere between 1915 – 1920. It is similar to the “My Dream Baby” dolls that this firm made but with a different mold number. It is not commonly found and I have also seen the same heads on the Australian Laurie Cohen dolls who imported them for making dolls within Australia during the 1930’s era.

This doll has a beautiful bisque head free from any damage. It could be either a boy or a girl doll. She has her original blue glass sleeping eyes that are stunning and open and close with ease and also has the original eyelid wax intact. The eyelashes are delicately stroked and the eyebrows brushed. She has an open mouth with lovely red painted lips and teeth with a red felt tongue behind. One of the teeth has broken in half but is not really noticeable and doesn’t take away from its beauty. The hair is slightly molded and then painted auburn. There are minor marks on the head from a doll that was lovingly played with.

The body is also original and is a lovely cloth body with cardboard inserts in the soles of the feet. The hands are celluloid and in perfect condition. The body is in aged condition with some mends but still lovely and solid. It feels like there is a non-working ma-ma within the torso. The limbs can be posed.

She comes wearing her original cotton onsie that has soaked up beautifully and is in lovely condition. She then has an antique flannel petticoat and antique gown trimmed with cotton lace from the same era of the doll that does have some minor holes and marks. I did not add a bonnet as then you would not see the lovely molded curls.

This beautiful character doll sits well and just ready to display.

If the buyer wanted the head stuffed to protect the eyes in transit I would have to snip the threads around the neckline to do this and then it would be the new owners job to re-attach the head which is not difficult.

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