This gorgeous hard plastic doll was made by the English firm of Pedigree. He or she stands in height 20″ and was made in the 1950’s era.

He has his original dark auburn mohair wig that is a beautiful colouring but it is sparse but more so at the back. He has sleeping blue flirty eyes that also open and close with his original eyelashes in tact with only a couple missing. He has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a tongue behind and has beautifully blushed cheeks. He has had NO restoration at all.

He is a toddler doll as opposed to a walker. He has lovely blushing on his knees and hands. He has a non working ma-ma which is normal for these dolls as they deteriorated with age but can be replaced. I never bother with replacing them.

He is a doll that has been played with and as such has minor marks but doesn’t appear to be have been a well loved doll. The only faults I could find is that there is fading to the leg area where the tartan socks are and some minor fading to the face (see photos). There is also a small split in one leg that I have photographed.

This doll is in mostly ORIGINAL clothing as I have had examples of this outfit on other sized Pedigree dolls previously despite there are no tags. I believe the blouse this doll had is missing but he has a tartan skirt, scarf, undies and socks. As well as this he has a gorgeous black velvet jacket with brass like buttons and a matching beret type hat that still retains the original silver thistle with a red pom pom on the beret. There is a black belt around the waist and also a black sash, both trimmed with silver buckles. The shoes are original but have lost some of their black painting and I think perhaps the leather white covering around the shoes may have been put on afterwards as the sewing is poor (unless they came off and someone sewed them back on). These coverings are in aged condition with one having a split.

This is a wonderful example of this doll despite the minor issues and the new owner will be delighted as this Pedigree has a gorgeous face.

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