This is a hard to find French clockwork walking doll that has had a lot of time and money spent on him. He is approximately 22″ in height and described further below.

This doll has had extensive repair work to his head that was badly damaged. It has been reinforced as it was repaired and on one side of his head you can see a join from this repair work. He then had his hair paintwork also touched up at the same time and his eyes replaced with stationary brown eyes. His original eyes had crystalised which was a common occurance in these dolls. Despite his repairs to the head he has come up nicely.

His celluloid torso was opened up and his mechanism worked on so that he now walks (when I received him he could not work as the mechanism had seized up with age). A key was made for him (see last photo) and now when you wind him up he toddles along nicely and is stable on his feet. He probably does not walk as well as he originally did but still walks!

His clothing was made specifically for him by copying what he was wearing on the original box he will come in and has been made beautifully and consists of a smocked white blouse and blue pants. An area has been left in his clothing so that they key can go in to wind him up. His white socks are replacements and his shoes are original and made from metal with wheels in the feet to assist him walking.

He comes in his original box that is in solid condition but does have ageing to be expected.

This celluloid rare walker is for the serious doll collector.

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