This is a wonderful German painted bisque flanged head that would make up in to a fabulous doll once a body is sourced. It is a new “old stock” head that was found in a warehouse in the 1980’s era along with hundreds more of them. They were imported out to Australia to be made up in to dolls during the 1930’s – 1940’s era when dolls were hard to come by. Even displayed as it is it’s a fabulous head that was produced by Armand Marseille.

It measures in height approximately 5″ and would make up in to a doll at least 20 – 22″ in length.

The head is in mint condition and the colours as vibrant as the day it left the factory floor. It has stunning sleeping blue glass eyes and an open mouth with 2 top teeth.

The eyebrows are multi stroked and the hair is moulded and painted brown. There is a little dimple in the chin. He has lovely rosey cheeks and bright red lips.

The back of the head is clearly marked with 696-2 1/2. This head would date to around the 1920 era.

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