This is a fabulous baby that was made in England by the reknowned firm of Palitoy and I believe she is from the early 1940’s era. She (or he) measures in length approximately 16″.

This doll is “Plastex” and according to information on these dolls, in the late 1930’s the factory produced this product which is a composition mix. They used this product for a variety of dolls and marketed them as “virtually unbreakable” (except they are breakable!).

She is in lovely condition overall with only minor marks on her body and very minor chips. It does not appear this doll was played with a lot, if at all.

She has sleeping blue eyes that open and close with ease and most of her original eyelashes intact. Occasionally one eye will stick but it just flicks back up. She has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a red tongue behind and slightly molded hair. Her blush is nice and bright. One hand may have had the fingernails touched up as they are brighter than the other.

She retains her original swing tag which is fabulous as often these were lost.

She has been dressed in a lovely pale pink smocked frock with smocking and embroidery on the bodice which is lace trimmed with ribbon inserts. I believe her undies are original to the doll and she also has some later knitted pink bootees.

This gorgeous doll is just ready to display and a doll not often found in Australia.

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