This is a fabulous example of the sought after Australian Pedigree dolls. These can be distinguished by their widely painted bottom eyelashes and notch under the head as well as from the cover of their crier.

She is 22″ in height and from the 1950’s era and is one of the best examples I’ve owned and only has minor issues including a small stable split at the bottom of her torso (see photo), minor marks from a doll that was played with (mostly on her arms) and a little roughness around the bottom of her head where the neck sits on.

Her colouring is fantastic and especially her knees which have retained their blush (or at some time professionally re-done long before I ever owned her). She has sleeping blue/flirty eyes with most of her original eyelashes intact and a beautiful dark auburn saran wig that is also original. She has an open mouth with her 2 teeth and red tongue behind them.

She is a walker version and walks well with her head turning when she walks.

Her clothing is not original to her but her clothing consists of an original tagged English Pedigree dolls frock, white undies trimmed with lace, vintage socks and a pair of English Pedigree doll shoes from the same era with replaced ribbon. Just the frock and shoes are worth in excess of $100 so she is great value overall. The frock is in fabulous condition with the original metal poppers.

Her ma-ma no longer works which is usual for these dolls as the rubber deteriorated in them over time. They can be replaced but I leave my dolls “as is” as it is considered minor and does not affect their value.

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