Bob White was a Tasmanian school teacher that made FABULOUS bears during the 1990’s and regularly sold them at Doll Fairs & Shows. He had many articles written on him and was very talented. He no longer makes bears and when you can find them they are highly sought after.

This one doesn’t appear to have a name but is just gorgeous! He measures in length approximately 18″ (45cm). The bear is in “as new” condition and would be a fantastic gift for someone special.

His fur is a deep brown coloured plush fur and he has leather paw pads. One is stamped with Bob’s original stamp and the other signed and dated to 1994. He has orange/black eyes and a black teddy nose on the end of his longer snout.

He wears a green ribbon around his neck.

This is a real collectors bear and he is a stunning bear!

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