This doll is what is called a Transitional Doll meaning that she was made when the hard plastic dolls from the 1950’s were being phased out and vinyl dolls were coming in to vogue. Manufacturers of these dolls during this period used up the old hard plastic bodies by putting the newer vinyl heads on them.

She was made by BND – British National Dolls in the UK and is a doll that is not often found and considered hard to find. She stands in height approximately 20″ (just over).

Overall her hard plastic body is in good condition with a very faint and relatively tight hairline near her non-working voice box at the front of her body (see photo). She has has another one that is in the vicinity of around the stain on her body which I suspect has come from old elastic. She walks well and her head turns. Any marks on her hard plastic body are just from a doll that was played with and to be expected. There is no break-down of the hard plastic.

Her vinyl head is in good condition and deepened in colour as they often do. She has sleeping blue clear eyes with all her original eyelashes intact and a cute red painted rosebud mouth. Her saran golden blonde hair is rooted and just needs some minor re-styling (it was originally in a pony tail but the elastic band had deteriorated with age).

Her clothing is not original but the floral frock suits her nicely and has matching pants. She also has socks and patent leather like shoes.

She is priced cheaply and a nice doll to have amongst a collection.

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