This English doll was made by the reknowned firm of Palitoy (Cascelloid Ltd) in 1957. She measures in length approximately 19″.

She is known as the Paliglide Walking Doll and is not a common doll. She has faults which are common with this particular doll but is still a great one to have amongst a collection as she is so unusual.

She is made from hard plastic and when she walks her head turns and her arms go up and down. Her patent numbers are on the back of her head.

She has amber sleeping eyes that open and close with ease and also flirt from side to side. She is missing some of her “real” upper eyelashes and retains her astrikan black wig. Her hoop earrings are missing and she just has the remains of the wire in her ear lobes. She has an open mouth with 2 upper teeth and a red felt tongue behind.

Due to the walking mechanism these Paliglide Dolls were reknowned for the seams opening up and this one is no exception and I have photographed the seams where this has occured. Other than the seams opening her body is in good condition. She has a non working ma-ma which again is quite normal for dolls from this era as they deteriorated with age.

She comes wearing a replace frock trimmed with lace and ribbon , pink undies trimmed with lace and socks and button up shoes.

This doll is display ready.

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