This is a lovely, sought after Australian hard plastic Pedigree doll from the 1950’s era and stands in height 16″. She only has minor faults and a great addition to any hard plastic collection being the lovely ponytail edition which is harder to find than others.

Overall she is good, played with condition and is a walker and although the legs still move freely her head doesn’t want to turn like it used to. She has sleeping blue eyes but one side of her original lashes are missing and could do with replacing. Her eyes sleep and flirt from side to side. She has an open mouth with her 2 original teeth, a red tongue behind and painted lips. She has some blushing left on her cheeks and her painted eyebrows are worn. Her lovely strawberry blonde saran wig is original but could do with conditioning and styling as is a little dry but am leaving that to her new owner. It is nice and full and easily goes up in to a ponytail.

Her body has no cracks or splits and her ma-ma is non working which is normal for these dolls as the rubber in them deteriorated with age. She has one mark on the back of her hand which I have photographed and appears to be a burn mark.

As a doll that has been played with she does have minor marks as to be expected but has NO Pedigree Disease.

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