This antique doll is one that was put together in Australia by Laurie Cohen and always represented as an Australian Doll. She measures approximately 22″ in length so a great sized doll.

During the 1930’s Laurie Cohen came back from an overseas trip with large supplies of bisque heads from makers such as Armand Marseille and Simon & Halbig as well as many others. He then imported celluloid arms and legs for the dolls from Japan and the bodies were made in Australia and then all put together.

The doll I am selling from my own collection is one of these lovely babies. The bisque domed head is free from any damage and clearly marked on the back of the head. She has sleeping blue glass eyes with her eyelid paint intact (may have been redone at some time in her life) and an open mouth with 2 teeth. One of the teeth is original and the other is a replacement and the felt red tongue is also a replacement. She has molded hair which has been tinged auburn, subtle eyebrows and delicately painted upper and lower eyelashes. The blush to the cheeks is superb.

Her celluloid limbs overall are in good condition with minor damage to one of the feet and a small seam opening in one arm that I did not bother repairing.

The pink cloth body is very typical of those made by this maker and in aged, but sturdy condition. She has a non working ma-ma in her torso.

She is dressed in a vintage pale pink hail spotted frock and bonnet trimmed with lace that suits her perfectly. Underneath she has a vintage cotton petticoat trimmed with lace, a cream knitted vest, pink pants trimmed with lace and more modern little cotton bootees.

This doll is just ready to display and a beautiful doll with no head damage.

I will be unable to remove the domed head to stuff the head for posting but will package this baby well and include full insurance just in case.

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