This is a fabulous artist made doll by world reknowned doll artist, Linda Carroll, whose work is very sought after. Not only did Linda produce these wonderful Attic Dolls she also was the author of a book titled Attic Dolls in 1994. This doll was produced in the 1990’s.

I do not know the name of this doll but as all of her Attic dolls they have a Victorian theme to them with elaborate details for these cherished creations. Her outfit is made from vintage fabric, beading, flowers and embellishments.

The doll measures 24″ in height (60cm) and can be displayed sitting or standing. She has a porcelain head (which is actually a half head and then elaborate head wear attached) with hand painted features. Her half arms are also porcelain and then the rest of her is cloth and made beautifully.

This doll is the epitome of a French Turn of the Century Doll with lace and displays beautifully. She is in wonderful condition and bargain priced.

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