This Ashton Drake is priced cheaply as she is missing some of her items. She is still available from The Bradford Exchange who distributed them but is over $350 with postage.

This is the Cindy McClure “Winter Romance” Porcelain Bride Doll that wears a lavish ensemble with faux feathers, rhinestones, and lace.

She stands in height approximately 53cm (21″).

As like most of these dolls she has a bisque head, breast place, arms and legs and the rest of her torso is cloth. The porcelain has been hand-painted and delicately blushed. She has blue stationary eyes that are lined with black “eyeliner” and “real” upper eyelashes. The photos make her look a little starey eyed but she is beautiful in real life.

Her wedding gown is tailored with satin and lace fabrics and adorned with sparkling rhinestones and sequins with silver threading.

Her brunette hair is piled high and clasped with a unique headpiece crafted with rhinestones, faux pears and soft faux feathers and she holds a bouquet of fabric flowers interwoven with crystal accents and more faux pears. She has pierced ears with sparkling diamente earrings. Underneath she has a satin petticoat, matching pantaloons with a garter and gorgeous moulded white lace boots.

Originally she had a bridal coat that is missing and also a mannequin to display this on which is also missing.

She does retain her original stand and Certificate of Authenticity and she is in beautiful condition as only been a display doll kept in a cabinet.

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