This is an unfinished cloth doll project although there is not a lot left to be done to her.

She was made in 1990 in Tasmania and is approximately 12″ in length.

Her face is felt pressed and then painted over and her body is cloth and then painted over to give a lovely finish. She has a hand made mohair strawberry blonde wig. The body especially has been very well made and was made in a class taught by master artist Susie McMahon although this one is not nearly as good as hers!

She could do with a little more mohair to her wig, or for someone to style it so her bald patches at the back do not show through. She also needs her gorgeous smocked dress finishing off at the back as the closures have never been added.

She comes with a vintage raffia red hat but still needs underwear, socks and shoes.

She is a “one off” original and quite cute.

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