This is a large and heavy artist made doll but she has damage to one leg so she is priced cheaply and could do with a little TLC. Her name is “Punkin” and she is a reproduction of a DeHetre original from 1987.

Her head, half arms and legs are bisque and her torso is cloth.

Her head is in perfect condition and she has stationary set blue eyes and an open/closed mouth. The painting has been done quite well. She has a brunette wig and a pate but both are loose and need glueing to her head. I feel she could also do with some eyelashes but that is up to her new owner.

One leg has a very tight hairline down it (see photo) and it is stable but could be replaced.

The cloth body has some age marks but in sturdy condition other than I think she needs some re-fastening of the heavy cotton where her limbs are attached. I believe they were done like this so you could pose the dolls arms and legs with ease.

She comes wearing a gorgeous outfit that is made from a very fine pink cotton material and then trimmed with lace and ribbon and has matching pantaloons that require new elastic. She also has a white petticoat that is trimmed with lace and ribbon with very minor marks on it and some soft baby shoes. Just the outfit alone represents half my asking price!

This is a gorgeous large baby despite her minor damage and displays beautifully. She is heavy so may be expensive to post and I can also look at a courier as an option if cheaper. She weighs unpackaged well over 2kgs so may go in to the 3-4kg range packaged up.

This doll represents many hours of work and is bargain priced.

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