This is a great artist made doll with the mold from Imsco – Rotraut Sthrott Original – The Great American Doll Co. 1988. She measures in length 22″ so a lovely sized doll. I don’t have the time anymore to bring these dolls back to finished stage so giving someone else the opportunity to do so at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to make such artist dolls.

She has a bisque socket head and chest plate as well as bisque arms and half legs and the rest of the body is cloth.

She has stationary brown eyes and “real” upper eyelashes to match her black wig. The eyelashes are coming off and will require re-gluing. She is painted nicely and has an appropriate wig for an oriental doll.

There is no damage to the bisque parts but there are a couple of firing flaws in the chest plate that have occured in the making of the doll. The cloth body has some age marks but would be hidden under the clothing and can be seen in the photos.

I will also include a copy of a pattern I found that is for a Chinese Baby’s Wardrobe that is for a smaller doll of 14″ but could be adapted.

With a very small amount of TLC and some sewing skills this will be a beautiful doll for someone.

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