This antique doll is not perfect so as such priced accordingly. She is an antique Japanese made doll made by FY and stands in height approximately 20″. The markings are clear on the back of the head and as she is also marked Nippon this means she was made prior to 1921.

She has a bisque socket head with damage around the top of the rim as shown in the photos. This is all hidden under her pate and wig. She has been painted beautifully and many would mistake this for a German made doll as the Japanese became excellent at copying them during this time. She has her original glass brown eyes that sleep well with her eyelid wax intact. She has multi stroked blonde eyebrows and delicately stroked upper and lower eyelashes as well as the usual red accent dot in the corner of each eye and her nostrils. Her open mouth reveals teeth at the top. She has nicely exposed ears and a replaced blonde wig in ringlets and replaced pate. The head has already been stuffed to protect the eyes in transit and the wig and pate glued back on but if the new owner wants her to sleep they will need to remove these.

She is on I believe her original antique composition body that is in good, played with condition with most of the pinky finger missing on the left hand that is not noticeable when displayed. She is strung well.

She comes wearing a simple frock that suits her nicely and underneath she has a petticoat trimmed with lace and matching pantaloons. She also has a hat trimmed with lace, socks and shoes that tie up with ribbon that are in worn condition. The third button down the back of her frock I was not strong enough in the fingers to pull across to do up and it may be that the little button needs moving out a little to make it easier but it will do up.

She is a lovely example of these antique Japanese dolls that are now highly collectable.

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